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As a result of changes in government policy, the Diplomas which have been available for 14-19 years will no longer be on offer for learners from September 2013.

ABC Awards has a number of qualifications which are available as the additional and specialist learning element of the Diploma.  Although these will no longer be offered as components of the Diploma from September 2013, they will continue to be offered and certificated by ABC as stand-alone qualifications to form part of a learner's programme of study.

ABC's website provides information on all the qualifications on offer from ABC Awards.

Diploma Results

The summer 2013 examination series of GCSE, A Level and Diploma (14-19) qualifications has agreed dates for the issue of results.

15 August for level 3 qualifications and 22 August for level 1 and 2 qualifications

ABC Awards, as a component awarding body, must post its results for all ASL (additional and specialist learning) qualifications, that may contribute to the award of Diplomas, to the Diploma aggregation service (Das) by the 5th and 15th of August respectively to coincide with the above dates for the issue of results.

It is, therefore, imperative that ABC centres ensure their courses have been externally moderated, and claim ASL awards for their Diploma learners by despatching their claims (MS1) to ABC no later than 5th July 2013.

It is also advisable that centres contact their ABC Centre Support Officer, once a claim has been made, to ensure that any queries around the claim can be expedited as quickly as possible.

Please contact your Centre Support Officer if you have any queries concerning this notice.

posted on: 23 Feb 2012

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