How we help Fashion Enter Ltd provide the qualifications for the UK’s next-generation of fashion and textiles manufacturers

Fashion Enter Ltd is an award-winning social enterprise uniting the public and private sectors to revive UK fashion manufacturing.

Working with major retailers such as ASOS and Marks and Spencer, Fashion Enter has its very own Stitching Academy which equips the next-generation of fashion and textiles professionals with commercial standard sampling, grading and production skills. It is also the largest provider nationwide for the Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship programme and has been awarded the Tick – a mark of excellence provided by the government body Creative Skillset.

In recent decades, fashion and textiles manufacturing in the UK has struggled due to competition from low-cost production in countries such as China and India and an ageing workforce.

Despite the government backed ‘Made in Britain’ campaign, there remained a skills shortage in the industry.

Fashion Enter sought qualifications that would bridge this gap. Crucially, it needed flexibility from an Awarding Body as it sought to reintroduce stitching skills back into garment manufacturing, a talent much in demand in the UK.

Writing a new qualification

Jenny Holloway, CEO of Fashion Enter, said:

“ABC was incredibly helpful and supportive. We had no idea whatsoever on how to write a new qualification, but meetings were arranged and a full review of current qualifications was undertaken too. We collaborated with Creative Skillset to create the most ideal new qualification for a Level 1 Award in Stitching Skills which I believe has been very successful nationwide.  We could not have managed to create this new qualification nor understand how NOS works without this help and support from ABC Awards.”

Since then, Fashion Enter has received broad support from leading retailers including River Island, New Look and smaller companies such as N15 and Marios Swarb.

“The success of the Stitching Academy has now lead to a grant from London Borough of Haringey Council of over £.5m to create a new state of the art Fashion Technology Academy so we can deliver more specific and niche qualifications such as machine maintenance and quality control.  This would not have been possible without the support of ABC Awards.”

Fashion Enter is an ABC Awards Showcase Centre for Fashion and Textiles.