Huddersfield Textile Training Limited

The Huddersfield and District Textile Training company was established in 1976 to unite the local textile industry in a shared approach to professional, equitable and high quality training.

In 1999 the company established the Textile Centre of Excellence located in the heart of the UK textile sector in Huddersfield.  The organisation is the only recognised national Training Group Association (GTA) for fashion and textiles and works closely with its 80+ member firms to ensure the voice of industry steers development.

The Textile Centre of Excellence is a private, not for profit business with a Board of Directors made up of 10 local business leaders from textile manufacturers.

There is one simple reason Huddersfield Textile Training Limited is an ABC Awards Showcase Centre: no one else in the country is doing what they do. Their state-of-the-art facilities and ground-breaking technology set them aside, and their learners have access to new, innovative technology which gives them a unique insight into advancements in textile technology.

The centre’s facilities include a textile manufacturing workshop for commission warping and weaving operations, two research and product-testing laboratories, a fully equipped clothing studio for bespoke suit manufacture, and award winning multimedia meeting and conferencing facilities.

The centre also holds an annual awards presentation, sponsored by ABC Awards, which is the showpiece event of the year. At the 2015 awards, 156 learners were issued achievement certificates, as well as 26 apprenticeship candidates across manufacturing textiles and apparel.

Martin Jenkins, Huddersfield Textile Training’s Head of Business Development and Apprenticeships, is keen to share expertise with new and existing ABC Awards fashion and textile centres to help support their delivery, innovation and skills development across the sector. If you would like to get in touch, please contact our team at ABC Awards who will introduce you.

Huddersfield Textile Training Limited is an ABC Awards Showcase Centre for fashion and textiles.