Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (VTAA)

What is the Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment?

The Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (VTAA) recognises the equivalent of Level 3 knowledge and skills for technicians who do not hold a formal qualification.

The accreditation enables motor vehicle technicians who have worked in their roles for four or more years to prove their capabilities at Level 3.

The VTAA is a requirement for technicians without a Level 3 qualification who wish to progress to the Level 2 Awards in MOT Testing and DVSA Certificate of Competence to begin conducting MOT tests under the new DVSA requirements.

What is the VTAA for?

The VTAA can be used to:

  • Show technicians have the knowledge and skills expected of someone working at Level 3
  • Help technicians without a Level 3 qualification to become qualified to conduct MOTs
  • Show that a technician meets the Motor Vehicle Level 3 National Occupational Standards

The VTAA is not a qualification, but is a specifically designed accreditation and a lifetime achievement, meaning that once technicians have successfully completed the VTAA they will be considered equivalent to those who have studied to Level 3 via a qualification route.

What does it involve?

To complete the VTAA, technicians will need to complete four practical assessments in each of the National Occupational Standards, which are:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension, steering, wheels and tyres
  • Emissions
  • Electrics

In total, a technician will complete 16 tasks, which will each have its own resource documents providing guidance and instruction.

Technicians will also need to complete an online knowledge assessment consisting of 10 questions for each module (50 questions in total) and pass with a score of 60%, achieving at least six out of 10 in each module.

Vehicle Technician Accredited Assessment (VTAA) Overview Document

MOT Testing

Under new DVSA rules, MOT testers must have completed a Level 3 qualification or equivalent, such as the VTAA, worked in the industry for four or more years, and completed the Level 2 Award in MOT Testing for the relevant vehicle class before they can apply for the DVSA Certificate of Competence. You can find out more about the changes to MOT testing via our dedicated website.

Click here to find out more about the mandatory requirements for becoming an MOT tester.

The VTAA is now available to be delivered as a complete accreditation or as individual modules contributing to a full accreditation. To find out how to become an assessment centre for the VTAA and pricing information please contact us on 0115 854 1398 or email