Fabrication and Welding Examination Summary – November 2016


Level 3 Diploma in Fabrication and Welding Practice(D5700)-03




URN R/503/9503

Science and Calculations for fabrication and welding practice


14TH November 2016 – 25th November 2016
The report below summarises the findings of the examiner team following the recent examination/assessment series. Tutors are required to take note of the recommendations made by the Lead Examiner to ensure that candidates are supported in achieving the best possible outcome in future assessments.




1.1 Candidates understood heat conduction as a property within different types of materials

1.3 Candidates understood the process of cold working and its effects

1.4 Many candidates were unfamiliar with the stress relieving process.

1.5 This is an area where candidates are not given the correct information with regards to the quenching of stainless steel.

1.7/1.8 Candidates did not show a good understanding of the grain structure found in welded joints.

1.9/1.10 Candidates show a basic understanding of issues when welding dissimilar materials but do not always give sufficient detail for full marks.



2.1 Good understanding shown by candidates with regards to the mechanical properties of materials.


3.1 Candidates showed clear understanding of the methods used to regulate current when welding.

3.3 Candidates could recognise the colour of plugs and sockets used on equipment in fabrication and welding.

3.5 Candidates did not show a clear understanding of the basic function of electrical components.

3.6 Many candidates incorrectly described the electrical output characteristics of a power source. 

3.9 Candidates show a clear understanding of the duty cycle of a power source.



4.2 Many candidates used the correct formula to calculate surface area.

4.3 Many candidates did not show an understanding of the formula for calculating developed length.

4.4 Candidates confuse calculating volume and weight and are unable to show all workings.

4.6 Some candidates could not apply Pythagoras theorem.

4.7 Calculations regarding the use of trigonometry are something that requires attention in centres, many candidates left the answer blank.

4.8 Many candidates were unable to calculate price.



5.1 Candidates showed a clear understanding of weld failure.

5.3 Candidates were unclear about joint geometry in fabrications.

5.4/5.5 Good understanding by candidates with regards distortion

5.7 Candidates showed a clear understanding of weld defects and causes.

5.9/5.10 Candidates showed a good understanding on non-destructive testing but some confused the methods used

5.11 Candidates showed a clear understanding of welding procedures used in fabrication and welding showing good coverage of this area of the syllabus.

5.12 Some candidates were confused about the location of a welded joint in steel fabrications