Fabrication and Welding Examination Summary Level 2 (June 2017)

QUALIFICATION TITLE Level 2 Diploma in Fabrication and Welding Practice.


QAN A5700-02 and C5700-02/C5701-02 0035 S&C v1


UNIT NUMBER (URN) URN  600/5190/5

A01 Science and Calculations for fabrication and welding practice


SERIES DATE 5th June 2017 to 16th June 2017


The report below summarises the findings of the examiner team following the recent examination/assessment series. Tutors are required to take note of the recommendations made by the Lead Examiner to ensure that candidates are supported in achieving the best possible outcome in future assessments.




ONE 1.1 Candidates were able to Identify the basic structure of matter

1.2 Candidates were able to define element, compound or mixture

1.3 Candidates showed some confusion about the percentages of gases in the atmosphere

1.4 Candidates found it difficult to recognise flame temperatures

1.5 Candidates were able to describe the properties of materials

1.5 Good understanding shown of the melting points of materials

1.6 Candidates were able to give a simple definition of a materials property




2.1 Good understanding shown of the celsius and kelvin temperature scales


THREE 3.1 Candidates were able to define the unit of heat

3.2 Poor selection of the correct method of heat transfer in a material

3.3 Candidates could correctly state the effects of heat on the mechanical properties of low carbon steel




4.1 Good understanding shown with regards to the use of magnets for electrical applications

4.2a Candidates were able to recognise and use the Ohms Law formula




5.1a Candidates were able to perform calculations relevant to industrial situations to include length

5.2b Candidates found it difficult to calculate areas using the correct formulae

5.3 Good understanding shown of calculations involving the costs of consumables


SIX 6.3 Candidates could define the terms associated with a single vee butt weld




SEVEN 7.2 Candidates could not recognise the appropriate testing method to be used for a particular application