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Information for Tutor and Assessors

Our Tutors and Assessors play a vital role in the delivery and assessment of ABC Awards qualifications. The following downloadable documents are for support and guidance, and to ensure our learners receive the best possible experience:




Examination and Assessment Timetables



Funding Advice


Funding information given by ABC Awards is correct at the time of issue and is offered in good faith. No liability is accepted for decisions made on the basis of information given. Please see the websites of the relevant government and funding agencies for the official funding guidance.


Education and Skills Funding Agency

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) brings together the former responsibilities of the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to create a single agency accountable for funding education and skills for children, young people and adults.

On our qualification page, you will find details regarding funding that are currently allocated to an individual qualification. However all our qualifications are accessible for any learner, regardless of the funding applied by the ESFA.

The majority of our qualifications have funding that is allocated by the ESFA. The Hub is the ESFA online system that contains details of all our qualifications which are funded in England, regardless of the funding type.

If one of our qualifications is not appearing on The Hub, or you want to check it’s status, contact our Centre Support Team by calling 0115 854 1620.

For further information view:


Adult Education Budget

These funds are available for colleges, training providers and employers to support learners in studying qualifications at the age of 19 and over in England and Northern Ireland. Community learning allows colleges and training providers to use part of their Adult Education Budget (AEB) allocation to continue to deliver existing community learning activity.



The Qualifications in Wales (QiW) online system contains details of all our qualifications which are funded in Wales for learners aged less than 19 years, excluding higher education.

In order for our qualifications to qualify for funding, we are required to submit letters of demand from Centres. If one of our qualifications is not appearing on the QiW online system, or you want to check its status, please contact our team on 0115 854 1620 to find out how we can work together to enable funding to be available.

To view the Qualifications in Wales online system visit:


Prison Education

The Offender’s Learning and Skills Service (OLASS) funded qualifications still appear on The Hub, however if you deliver Prison Education and cannot find what you are looking for contact us, as we have both qualifications and approaches that specifically support this type of provision. Call our team on 0115 854 1620.

Please note learners may be eligible for full funding for a Level 3 qualification through Legal Entitlement.

To see which qualifications are funded for Prison Education visit:


Advanced Learner Loans

Advanced Learner Loans are available for learners aged 19 and over and for qualifications from Level 3 to Level 6. Similar to university loans, learners taking out an Advanced Learner Loan will begin repaying their loan once they have completed their qualification and are earning more than £21,000 per annum.

Learners cannot apply for these loans without the support of their college or training provider, who will need to complete a learning and funding information letter to support the learner’s application.

For further information visit:



Whether it is via functional skills, end-point assessment or qualifications within existing frameworks, we have funded apprenticeship provision within a range of industries including engineering, fashion, land-based and environmental, motor vehicle, retail and youth work. Please check our end-point assessment page or our qualification search.

Further information can also be found at the following link:


Local Flexibility Funding

Local Flexibility Funding is for regulated qualifications, their components and some non-regulated provision from Entry Level to Level 2. It is a broad offer to enable colleges and training organisations to be responsive to local skills and community needs. In order to deliver eligible qualifications under Local Flexibility Funding, colleges and training providers need to ensure that the qualifications are eligible for local delivery. To find out what is eligible in your region and discuss local needs, talk to your Local Enterprise Partnership or Local Authority.

Further information can be viewed here:


Legal Entitlements

Legal Entitlements are for learners aged 19 and over and allow learners to complete their first full Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications fully-funded.

Learners aged 19 to 23 can complete their first Level 2 and/or Level 3 qualification funded through a Legal Entitlement. In addition, learners aged 19 and over are able to study an English or maths qualification up to and including Level 2.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency determines which qualifications are eligible for funding through Legal Entitlements. However, if we have a suitable, appropriately-sized qualification not currently eligible for funding through Legal Entitlement please contact our team and found out how we can work together to enable funding to be available. Call our Centre Support Team on 0115 854 1620.

For further information on Legal Entitlements visit:

Need Help? Talk to our team: