For Parents and Guardians

When faced with planning their future careers, learners today have many options. In fact, it can all be a bit overwhelming. If your child is unsure of which path to take in their studies, the following information can make the process a little less intimidating.

Seek Professional Advice

Colleges and schools provide professional careers services to their learners, usually through Careers Centres within the organisation. The National Careers Service also provides free and impartial careers advice to young people. Their website provides a range of fantastic tools and ideas, and their friendly staff are always happy to help.


Once a learner has decided what environment (e.g. school, college, university, independent training provider or workplace) works for them, it is important to do some research to find the best possible program of study. Parents, guardians, and learners can do this by:

  • Talking to different organisations to confirm exactly what they offer
  • Attending taster days and open events
  • Talking to other staff and learners to hear first-hand experiences

Keep Your Options Open

Once a learner has decided where they want to apply, it’s always best to apply to more than one provider. Follow the application guidelines carefully, and direct any questions to the program provider’s admissions department for help.


When the learner has decided which offer works best for them, they should accept their chosen offer and follow the enrolment process. If they have any questions, they will need to get in touch with the training provider directly.