ABC Awards is committed to responding to the needs of our customers and the communities we serve. With high unemployment figures across the economy, it is crucial that we equip learners with the skills and confidence necessary to enter sustained employment.

Our employability skills and employability services qualifications have been developed to support both groups of people who are affected by unemployment: the people seeking employment, and the people who support them.

Employability Skills Qualifications

ABC Awards offers a number of qualifications in Employability Skills at Entry Level and Level 1.  These qualifications are designed to teach learners how to search and apply for jobs, in addition to developing skills to maintain employment:

Employability Programme

The Employability Programme contains over 1,800 units from Entry Level through to Level 3. It covers a range of industries and provides centres with the flexibility to tailor programmes to the individual learner’s needs. The units available range from Entry Level 2 trough to Level 3 and have the possibility of being funded through the Adult Education Budget as part of Local Flexibility.

Unit Bank

Our Unit Bank contains over 1,500 units from Entry Level 1 to Level 6.  It is designed to be flexible so that Centres can tailor programmes to the individual learners’ needs across a range of industry sectors.

Employment Services Sector

We offer a range of Employability Services qualifications, designed for those who support people seeking employment. These qualifications support professionals from a range of careers, from those working in large-scale government contracts such as the Work Programme, to those working in health, housing association, offender management, rehabilitation and other related areas.

We also offer free online resources to support learning in these qualifications including e-learning modules, short review quizzes and optional learner workbooks.

Our Employment Related Services and Employability Services Sector qualifications are supported by the Institute of Employability Professionals and you can find out more about how we work together on their website.

Qualifications available:

To find out more information about our employability services, call 0115 854 1620 or email businessdevelopment@abcawards.co.uk.