The relentless drive in technology advancement across all vehicle types has created unprecedented skills shortages across the wider Automotive Sector (reported in IMI State of the Sector Report).

This skills gap has significantly increased in recent years and the first wave of hybrid cars are now falling outside of manufacturer’s warranty and entering the Independent Garage Sector. Technicians trained to work safely on the high-voltage technology associated with hybrid technology remains at 1%. Professor Jim Saker of Loughborough University, author of IMI Report, said:

“With over 90% of independent garages saying they would need to retrain existing technicians to undertake work on these vehicles; it’s clear that unless a proactive strategy is undertaken the UK will not be able to support the growth of future car technology safely.”

The Skills and Education Group Award’s new Service and Repair of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles accreditation recognises the equivalent of Level 3 knowledge and skills for technicians who do not hold a formal qualification. The accreditation enables automotive technicians, who have at least two years’ experience in a technically relevant role, to demonstrate their:

  • knowledge in working safely on electric and hybrid vehicles
  • competence in removing and replacing high voltage components
  • competence in diagnosing and rectifying high voltage electrical faults,

The Service and Repair of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles accreditation can be used to:

  • Demonstrate technicians have the knowledge and skills expected of someone repairing electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Evidence competence required to meet industry standards

The Service and Repair of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles is not a qualification, but it is a specifically designed accreditation and a lifetime achievement. This means that once a technician successfully completes it, they will be considered equivalent to those who have studied and achieved the comparable Level 3 qualification.

To find out more about the accreditation and how to deliver it contact our Centre Support team 0n 0115 854 1620.